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Who we are

New Denim


Four young people from Vicenza have decided to exploit their skills to offer the market a complete product with the best characteristics of Made in Italy. They are united by a passion for the world of Fashion and connected by a strong sense of belonging to the family.

This new idea draws inspiration from the 40 years of humble work of the owners of a small artisan reality in Pianezze, Fun Factory, and which makes use of all the expertise that the company's resources have matured over this long period.
A know-how that is kept alive also thanks to the contribution of sensitive and attentive consumers.


To reach directly to the consumer with an authentic, ethical and captivating product, while maintaining the tradition of Fun Factory, a family business specializing in the production of denim and clothing.

Quality and craftsmanship are the basis of our knowledge, acquired directly in the field thanks to the close collaboration with the precious supply chain present in the territory.


Craftsmanship and technical knowledge of the Italian textile tradition: this is where Alzavola was born. The brand is based on the idea of ​​developing and creating clothing collections 100% made in local, i.e. in the piedmont area of ​​origin of the Zago family. The Alzavola product therefore brings with it the ability to know how to do, the artisan quality, the experience and the sensitivity of professionals in the sector.

It also contributes to keeping alive a precious manufacturing chain handed down for at least 2 centuries, rich in knowledge to be promoted and disseminated. Alzavola offers a world of people and values, much more than clothing.