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The “Alzavola” word means teal in Italian language.

This animal is widely spread in Europe and Italy especially starting from the 45th parallel of latitude (just the one that locates Pianezze); it is the smallest of the ducks, with a wing plumage particularly admirable for its sparkling colors of which it is composed.

Perchè Alzavola

In Italy, however, it is among the species in danger of extinction, strongly threatened by anthropogenic change, therefore specifically by climate change, the industrialization of the territory, intensive farming and pollution.

Even small local manufactures and crafts, as our teal, are synonymous with priceless beauty and value.


Yet, despite everyone's awareness, they too are at risk of extinction due to consumerism and fast fashion that have grown exponentially over the last century.

So the brand Alzavola wants to propose a product that comes from a world, that of craftsmanship world, as precious as it is fragile; a world that we want to protect, a reality to protect, so that it can reveal itself in its colorful, harmonious, beauty.


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