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Washing tips

Some tips to make your clothes last longer.


You can safely wash ALZAVOLA garments at a maximum temperature of 30 ° C. If you wash the garments inside out, you will get two results: not only will they not lose color but also the cleanest part will be the one in contact with your skin.

We recommend that you put garments with similar shades in the washing machine so as not to risk ruining their appearance. No dry cleaning required.

It is not necessary to bleach for good cleaning results. Pericarbonate can help you thoroughly clean stubborn stains. Citric acid softens the garments. Adopt these simple habits to help the environment and achieve the same results without the use of chemicals.


Avoid using the dryer if you can.

Dry your clothes naturally, outdoors or at home, in a place sheltered from direct sunlight, so your clothes will not fade.


You can iron your garments at a maximum temperature of 110 ° C.
Turn your garments inside out and give them a quick pass, you will have less effort when you iron them on the outside. To avoid "burning" of the fibers, apply a protective shoe to your iron.

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